NewFire / Work / returned to NewFire in 2015 for another successful digital advertising campaign. Like in previous years, this upstart online tax preparation software company had to compete in a saturated market, dominated by traditional competition.  By using display advertising (banner ads), can communicate to millions of users on the internet and ensure that their message is seen clearly through the haze of other media.  

Working side by side with’s other vendors and agencies, NewFire coordinated and launched a set of programmatic display advertising campaigns delivered through the Google DoubleClick BidManager platform.  Using what is affectionately called DBM, NewFire could ensure that had control over budgets, frequency and view ability of their ads.

With NewFire in the driver’s seat of Google’s premiere platform, was able to drive registrations and e-files, as well as increase brand awareness. experienced another year of positive growth in the competitive landscape of online tax preparation and is poised to do the same in 2016 thanks to NewFire and the DoubleClick BidManager platform.