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Realtree, the revolutionary camouflage company, was started in 1986 by Columbus, Georgia-native Bill Jordan.  Jordan’s personal camo patterns were in such high demand by the top hunters of the day, that he had no other choice than to start producing them for retail stores nationwide.

Currently Realtree camo spans over 5,000 different types of products from traditional hunting gear to iPhone cases.  Realtree has a strong presence at several tradeshows, including ATA and Shotshow.  Realtree approached NewFire to develop a highly targeted campaign that could compliment their tradeshow appearances.  NewFire utilized our mobile advertising platform to geo-target mobile banner ads to be delivered around the tradeshows themselves and the surrounding hotels and restaurants.  

By targeting just these tradeshows, Realtree is able to ensure that advertising dollars are spent on mobile users who are interested in their message and need to be exposed to the brand.  Through geo-targeting, NewFire empowers Realtree to increase booth attendance and brand awareness during these critical events.