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Paul Young

Book Launch Campaign

Canadian author, Wm. Paul Young, never set out to publish his first book, The Shack  but his friends encouraged and pushed him to the press under a self-formed independent publishing company. Young’s first book, The Shack went all the way to The New York Times trade paperback fiction best-seller list in June of 2009.  Employing only word of mouth and a small advertising budget of $200 Canadian, Young had launched the most successful novel in years and discovered his new passion, writing. 

Maximizing Day 1 Sales with Digital Advertising & SEO

NewFire was honored when Wm Paul Young approached our team to prepare the marketing plan and digital advertising campaigns for his third book, Eve.  NewFire was responsible for all social media advertising campaigns, comprehensive advertizing strategies, creative web design, and publisher coordination.  The first method of improvement NewFire performed was to enhance the search engine optimization (SEO).  Building hype for a launch is anything but normal advertizing, it is preemptive marketing.  NewFire analyzed trends and came up with a plan of attack that maximize book sales right from day 1.  Eve launched on September 15, 2015 and can be found at Barnes & Noble and