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Hubspot Site Build

Founded in Augusta, Georgia in 1973, MAU Workforce Solutions has grown over the years to become one of the nation’s top diversity-owned temporary staffing and recruiting agencies. aims to serve two distinct audiences; 1) people seeking jobs or employment and 2) employers looking to fill positions.  MAU’s former website was basic and lacked many of the key efficiencies that an advanced content management system (CMS) would offer to fulfill their needs.  MAU identified HubSpot as the CMS that would enable them to reach both audiences through social media and email marketing while synchronously offering, user friendly content management, web analytics and legitimate search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities.  This was all well and good, but no one at MAU had the time or knowhow to use Hubspot to the fullest extent.

Becoming Hubspot Certified

NewFire Media was approached midway through 2014 to design, implement and monitor the new Hubspot CMS for MAU.  In order for this to take place we had to quickly learn how Hubspot’s internal system operated.  For the next few months, our creative team attended webinars, studied up, practiced in workshops, and became Husbspot Design Certified.  Once the NewFire team had a firm understanding of the content management system worked, we were equipped to help MAU launch an aggressive inbound marketing campaign to support their sales process to both of their diverse audiences.

NewFire continues to manage and support MAU’s internal and external content resources.  Communicating with creative agencies for graphics and administering everything from job boards and client resource management systems to MAU’s social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

NewFire Media Hubspot certified