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Krystal Hamburger

SEO & Wordpress Build

Quick service restaurant chain, Krystal Hamburgers was founded in 1932 in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Argonne Capital Group acquired The Krystal Company in early 2012 and relocated the headquarters to Atlanta, GA in 2013.  Upon the acquisition and restructure of Krystal’s core competencies and philosophy, the folks at Argonne Capital ran into numerous issues with the Krystal website and content management system (CMS).  The powerful general purpose CMS platform was written in object-oriented PHP and utilized MySQL for data storage.  The aesthetically pleasing static website was unresponsive on mobile devices and completely lacked internal usability or customization, due to a complex interface and site structure.  This caused inefficiencies on multiple fronts such as job inquiry notifications and poor search engine optimization.

As part of our engagement, NewFire Media was called in to completely overhaul the Krystal website with a new site design and progressively showcase Krystal Hamburger’s iconic American brand.  The team at NewFire dissected the internally complex website and identified every area that needed improvement.  The consensus among the NF team: Krystal needed a completely new website that would not only be visually appealing but also incorporated a straightforward CMS user interface.

We needed something nimble. Changes that used to take a week, we could now push live on the site in an afternoon.

Better, Faster, Stronger (front to back)

The NewFire team took Krystal’s newly redesigned website live in July of 2015.  The front end of the site now offers stunning graphics and a much more pleasant navigation experience, while simultaneously giving Krystal effortless usability on the backend.  By enhancing both ends of the site, NF was able to reconcile the poor search engine capabilities and perform a search engine optimization (SEO) overhaul that has greatly increased site traffic from an array of mobile devices.  The new is dexterously found by Google’s search engine algorithm and provides the viewer a pleasurable browsing experience across all devices from smartphone to desktop internet browsers.