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Austin Jackson

Austin Jackson formed his own firm and established Jackson Law Offices P.C. in 2013. Austin primarily focuses his practice in the area of personal injury litigation. Initially, he focused his efforts in the Augusta market. After, approaching NewFire Media in 2014 to help launch his website and personal brand,, Austin realized the desperate need for growth in his business.

Driving Calls & Clicks with Google Adwords

Austin tasked the NewFire team to partner with him to develop the most cost-effective marketing strategy to increase the recognition, credibility, and ultimately the profitability of his brand. Being the incredibly competitive market that Personal Injury law is, NewFire recognized the need to make the most efficient use of dollars and only focus on targeting people who were most ready to call on Austin Jackson and his services. Ultimately, Austin’s clientele did not need anything more than for him to be available when they needed him – and more often than not, these people had only a phone with which to find him.

In order to be most readily available, NewFire ran a focused Paid Search campaign, accompanied by Phone Call Ad Extensions, through Google AdWords. Whenever someone searched for an attorney after their wreck or injury, Austin’s phone number would be right at the very top with a “click-to-call” button at the searcher’s fingertips. Over the next year, Austin’s business would grow exponentially due to Paid Search and Google AdWords, allowing him to expand and tap into the Columbia, SC market as well. Currently, Austin has plans to take his current digital marketing strategy with NewFire and expand even further into three other large markets in Georgia and South Carolina.

Building a Lean, Mean, Conversion Machine

Before we could hit the gas on advertising, we recognized the need for a solid, responsive website. Going into the design and build, Austin knew that his target market would be looking him up and calling from a mobile device. To answer this, we built an extremely lean and stripped down site, sniper-focused on getting folks in touch with Austin as quickly as possible, at the scene of an accident.