NewFire / Team / Jeremy Mace

Jeremy Mace
CEO, Partner
North Augusta, SC

Jeremy’s Role at NewFire

Jeremy Mace has built a successful career by fulfilling the goals and visions of his clients, partners, and other marketers by optimizing digital strategies and leveraging the power of online advertising platforms. Prior to co-founding NewFire Media, Jeremy has led teams of designers, art directors, and marketing consultants. He has worked as a pre-press manager, graphic artist, art director, online advertising expert and Amazon cover designer.

As CEO of NewFire Media, his teams deliver systems to optimize online marketing spend and build successful digital campaigns on the DoubleClick BidManager and Campaign Manager platforms. This helped advertisers see up to a 400% lift in click-through and conversion rates and a 200% reduction in CPA. By negotiating a Premier Partnership with Google, he has led NewFire Media through beta programs with the online giant and brought the latest in advertising technologies and best practices to clients across the world.

Personal Life

Jeremy was recently elected to the Aiken County School Board and has served on advisory boards for the North Augusta Chamber of Commerce Small Business Council and Aiken County Steering Committee. Raised in Kansas City, Jeremy moved to the South after a brief stint as a college student and comic book publisher and began working as a graphic designer and marketer. He resides in North Augusta, South Carolina with wife and two children.