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Here at NewFire, we navigate the narrow path between creative exploration and business growth. We understand that clever marketing concepts are only worth implementing if they fulfill business objectives. Our values inform our vocabulary at NewFire, where we like to call our clients, “partners”. We prefer to learn and grow with our partners, combining our skills and knowledge instead of running our own course. We see the environment at NewFire as a model for engaging and energizing partners and employees by making culture a competitive advantage.

We see value where every partner and employee is looked to for bright ideas that only they could bring to the table. Everyone needs to contribute their ideas and opinions, everyone’s work matters and everyone makes a difference in fulfilling objectives. Creativity and innovation are maximized in a community with a rich marketplace of ideas. The best ideas can come from anyone in the company so NewFire leaders add to the environment whatever encourages self-expression and diversity of thought.


At NewFire, we care about people first.  Rather than pursuing excellence at all costs, NewFire knows that a quality work environment is critical to long-term production and the overall quality of life for partners and employees.  The best people, either partners or employees, will not be attracted to, nor remain in, a culture that ignores their welfare.  Creative marketing concepts and superior workmanship come from people, so people are the priority.

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